Only one low priced tool needed.To install this unique Titan Plot/ foundation in France & other European countries. Screw the product down using the impact wrench, if you hit a stone rock you can reverse it out of the ground and move it over and reinstall back into the ground.  

Why the Titan Plot/Fondation..........

1/ Base Plate:

Stops "Rocking" of the wood post.


2/ Mounting bracket:

Titan's unique design [autonomous movement] allows the post to automatically compensate for the ground movement in the summer/winter.

Greatly reducing twisting of the terrasse/decking.


3/ Made of high-quality rust-proof steel ISO1461. Using a "Cork-Screwing" motion down into the ground. This action can be reversed. 


4/ After installation the top plate is compressed into the ground by the two bottom screw helix.This ensures  a very strong problem free fixing.



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