Dear customer,




I think some of you may be interested in my story……….


After spending many years learning as much as I could about the mechanical engineering industry from as young as can be remembered........


A decision was made a little over fifteen years ago to move into the building industry and in doing so, I experienced all sorts of problems all builders today and those before me…...time to time again.


One project, in particular, that concerns all artisans/ builders in France and other parts of Europe is the amount of time and money it takes to put down footings/plots/ancre/foundations into the ground!


If you are lucky enough to own a power drill auger, [drills the holes in the ground] in order to insert a concrete tubes, then having to use a concrete mixer and mix it all up yourself or even worse than that, ordering a lorry load of concrete.


All at a greater expense, and of course that’s not the end of it…….Then having to wait between seven and ten days for the concrete to dry enough in order to start fitting the deck posts onto of the footing/foundations.


If you are conscientious enough to lay down boards over the garden in order to protect it against heavy vehicles running over it!

Going to another job then returning after a long period time to start constructing.


There had to be another solution……………….

Almost losing the Will to live, after spending so many years researching and testing other products in the market, only to be disappointed in their design, price or both.


I was almost at the point of giving up and sticking to the old methods until one day by accident, the answer was staring me straight in the face.


A product that I needed nothing else to install in than a cheap electrical impact wrench, you know the type mean... used to fit car wheel nuts. No pre-drilling was necessary.


If I hit a stone boulder, it was easy to reverse the Titan Plot/foundation and move it over a little and screw it back down into the soil, wonderful!


After marking out the wood decking area in the normal way using the correct spacings it took me only a day to install all the Plots/foundations.


Being very excited at this point it was possible to start straight away at building up the wooden deck, But, it was getting dark and since I’d made great progress it made sense to go back home, have a beer and carry on the very next day.


The next day way an absolute delight and was very quick and easy to build a beautiful wooden deck.


And this my friends, is the story and the reason why I started to offer this Titan Plot/foundation product into France and the rest of the European union.


You will soon be able to find at your nearest builders shop/merchants, deckings artisans or

D.I Y shores.


Thank you for taking the time to read this article and take care.


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